Executive Staff


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Founded RMB in 1985 after decades of experience with the FDNY. Rich is devoted to research, expediting, and interacting with Building Departments, Planning Boards, Boards of Appeal, and various other Planning and Zoning Commissions.
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MARK VINCENT KRUSE, Architect, AIA - Vice President / Architect

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Mark is a NYS Registered Architect with 30 years of experience, specializing in all aspects of residential and commercial construction and code compliance. Past President of the American Institute of Architects Long Island Chapter and current AIA New York State Director. Mark has been with RMB since 1989 and is a critical member of the staff, playing roles in almost every major project.
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TARA D. SKIDMORE - Project Coordinator

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Tara has been a devoted member of the RMB team for 17 years. She's knowledgeable of all building department processes and filings, and is responsible for assigning drawings for residential and commercial projects.
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Alissa Petchonka

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Alissa has been with the RMB team for over 18 years, and is a dedicated and loyal part of our staff. As Comptroller, she handles a lot of day-to-day and business-related matters with ease and grace.

Expedite Staff

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GLEN WEISS - Senior Expediter

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Glen has been a dedicated member of the RMB team for 22 years. His Bachelor of Science Degree and Archictecture Technology from NYIT in 1992 has put him in a position to achieve great success as Senior Expediter. He handles all complex research, measuring, and expediting.

Drafting Staff

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Jacob Rivalsi, Architect

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Jacob is a 2003 graduate of NYIT and is a 15+ year member of the American Institute of Architects. His vast knowledge of architecture helps RMB on many projects both large and small.
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James, a 2014 NYIT Graduate, has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture, and is very self-motivated. His presence at RMB for the last 7 years has played an important role in our recent success.
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Vanessa is the newest member of our strong team, and is focusing a lot of her efforts in the Map department here at RMB. She has a bright future helping RMB clients find success.

Plumbing Division

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JIM COSTA - NY0003022

(516) 396-0600
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Jim is a retired Town of Hempstead Licensed Plumber (29 years) and has experience as the Senior Plumbing Inspector, and NYS Certification for Plumbing Code Enforcement. He also has experience with plumbing for specialties like Medical, Gases, Waste, Acid Waste piping, Ventilating Systems, and more.